High Impact Practices

High-impact practices—also known as experimental learning—are a vital part of CSUF School of Nursing’s curriculum and student-centered approach. High-impact practices transform students' perceptions of themselves and their ability to apply what they learn in the classroom to make a difference in the real world.

The goal of the School of Nursing is to have 100 percent of nursing students engaged in high impact practices during their educational experience with CSUF.

Hands-on Simulation & Skills Training

Simulation Training

Acute-Care Hospital Rotations

Acute Care Hospital Rotations


Research Opportunities

  • Faculty/Student Collaboration

Community Health Engagement

Community Health Rotation


Leadership Opportunities


Student Engagement

Scholarships &

Scholarship Awards

Interprofessional Practice and Education

Interprofessional Practice

  • Collaboration and Communication
  • Mutual Respect and Shared Values
  • Relationship-building Values and Team-dynamics
  • Team-focused, Patient-centered, Community-oriented and Outcome Driven

High impact practices within the School of Nursing include:

  • Nursing students learn professional values through engagement in professional activities, participation in leadership and research, inter-professional engagement, and peer mentoring.
  • Nursing students acquire up-to-date nursing skills in a simulated skills laboratory operated by the School of Nursing and also have clinical rotations at many different health care learning environments with professional providers in acute care, long-term care, primary care clinics, home health, and/or community health care venues.
  • The School of Nursing provides recognition of students who excel in high impact work, such as supporting other students through providing awards for Most Valuable Person [MVP] for Peer Support, Humanism, Humor, and Outstanding Academic Work, among others.

New in 2017: Through a generous four year HRSA Grant, the School of Nursing is initiating intensive evaluation of these high impact practices to determine their effectiveness in providing a high-quality supportive educational environment and student experience that produces excellence in nursing.