Research Opportunities Available for CSUF Nursing Students

CSUF nursing students are invited to contact any of the faculty below if interested in assisting with these research activities.

Austin Nation

Research Topic: HIV and substance use among young black men who have sex with men (MSM)

Dr. Austin Nation

Practice/Research Interests: Nursing administration/leadership, Community health, HIV/AIDS prevention education, substance use and HIV/AIDS among young Black men who have sex with men (MSM).

Assistant Need: Need student support for literature review and manuscript editing

Beverly Quaye

Research Topic: Orange County community health SBIRT Program

Dr. Beverly Quaye

Practice/Research Interests: As the Principal Investigator for the Orange County Community Health SBIRT Program (OCCHSP), Dr. Quaye provides leadership for Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral and Treatment (SBIRT) training for bachelor and masters level students in Social Work, Human Services, and the School of Nursing, as well as healthcare professionals in the Orange County community.
The goal of the program is to develop and implement training programs to: a) teach students skills necessary using evidence-based methods for persons at risk for substance abuse disorder (SUD) and, b) increase the number of healthcare professionals who are trained in SBIRT who address the needs of persons with SUD.
The program’s success will be based on achieving measurable objectives. For more information, please visit in new window

Assistant Need: Graduate level nursing students interested in substance use disorder, motivational interviewing, treatment, community health services, with some research experience.

Carol Metoyer

Dr. Carol Metoyer


Practice/Research Interests: New Faculty Mentorship Program Development; Substance Use and Treatment; Learning Management Systems: Regard for Cultural Assets/Diversity; Infection Prevention/Epidemiology

Asma Taha

Research Topic: Pediatric quality of life/chronic illness

Dr. Asma Taha

Practice/Research Interests: Pediatric acute care nurse practitioner. Pediatric patient clinical outcomes, traumatic brain injury, Spirituality

Assistant Need: Need a student on Thursdays to collect data (no funding, 3 month commitment)

Site: Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC)

Rose Sakamoto

Research Topic: Vitamin D and cognitive function

Dr. Rose Sakamoto

Practice/Research Interests: Preventive - Care/Lifestyle, Health Promotion/Disease Prevention; Nutritional Cardiovascular Epidemiology: Vitamin D; Aging, Care of Older Adults- Gerontology, desire to specialize in mental health issues: Depression/Dementia; Public Health: Health Disparities; College Health; Anti-Coagulation Specialist.

Assistant Need: Need RN students with patient-care experience, available at least 4 hours per week March 2017 through June 2018.
Student clinic and/or research assistants needed to assist with taking basic health history, taking blood pressures, BMI, patient education on common health topics affecting older adults, record keeping, follow-up with patients, office management. Advanced students, could assist with research and clinic activities: administering pre-screening, demographic survey, health history form and data entry, statistics.

Dana Rutledge

Research Topic: Physical & cognitive performance in persons 50+ with and without Fibromyalgia

Dr. Dana Rutledge
Practice/Research Interests: Living with fibromyalgia; Evidence-based practice; Symptom management; End-of-life, palliative care; Writing for publication; Falls prevention; Literature synthesis work; Integrating changes into practice settings; Self management of persons with fibromyalgia.

Rachel McClanahan

Research Topic: LVN in Schools examination

Dr. Rachel McClanahan

Practice/Research Interests: School Health/School Nursing; School Nurse Leadership; Role of the School Nurse; Care Coordination in the School Setting; Issues related to School Nurse Staffing; School Health Outcomes; Community Health Nursing as it relates to School Health.

Assistant Need: Graduate level student, preferably in the School Nurse MSN program to assist.