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Turnitin Resources

The majority of the nursing courses use Turnitin as a way of getting immediate feedback. Turnitin matches phrases in your paper to its database, internet sources, articles, etc. If you have a direct or close match, you will have immediate feedback about your paraphrasing, and know what you need to work on improving your paper.

Turnitin is built directly into Canvas, which eliminates the need to create a separate Turnitin account. You have everything you need on your Canvas course. The Turnitin software generates reports immediately-usually about 15 minutes. The instructor will access the papers after the due date, make comments, score the paper, and notify you when complete.

NOTE: Some instructors will allow students to resubmit the paper after improving your paper. After the first 3 resubmissions the similarity/originality reports generate after 24-hours (set in Turnitin). Please follow the directions that your instructor provides on the course syllabus, which may be different from this general information.