University Resources

These are commonly used resources. If you do not see what you are looking for, search www.fullerton.eduOpens in new window .

Academic Resources

  • Academic CalendarOpens in new window Official CSUF Academic Calendar to find out about important dates and deadlines for each academic session.
  • Academic Advisement CenterOpens in new window Academic Advisement Center (AAC) supports all undergraduate students and is the official source for General Education Advising.
  • Admissions and RecordsOpens in new window The Office of Admissions & Records (A&R) is responsible for determining student eligibility for admission to and graduation from the university. A&R processes and evaluates applications and transcripts for admission purposes and is responsible for determining residency status, maintaining student records, processing transfer credit, and maintaining articulation agreements with other institutions.
  • Registration DetailsOpens in new window University page that provides details about your registration appointments and links to Registration Guides and online Class Schedules.
  • University CatalogOpens in new window You can access the complete University Catalog online through this link. As a student, you are expected to adhere to all policies contained in the Catalog so it is best to familiarize yourself with the content.
  • University Learning Center Opens in new window The ULC offers one-to-one tutoring, online writing tutoring, Supplemental Instruction sessions, study groups, skills building workshops, and many more services to help you reach your academic goals.

Student Support Services

  • Current Student ResourcesOpens in new window University page dedicated to all things current student related. It includes some of the same links found here but many other resources as well.
  • Disability Support ServicesOpens in new window The mission of the DSS provides support services for students with mobility limitations, learning disabilities, hearing or visual impairments, and other disabilities.
  • Graduate StudiesOpens in new window Graduate Studies provides campus-wide leadership in graduate student affairs, programs and curriculum, and policies. It administers several scholarship and fellowship programs for graduate students at CSUF as well as evaluates study plans, and performs graduation checks.
  • International Student ServicesOpens in new window The ISS website includes resources to assist International Students arriving to CSUF, travelling overseas, employment, health insurance, scholarships, maintaining F-1 or J-1 visa statuses, letters and forms, and much more.
  • Veteran’s Student ServicesOpens in new window Veterans Student Services (VSS) assists veterans in successfully navigating the academic environment through guidance, support services, and resources. VSS is committed to offering personalized services to veterans by providing a unique learning community that facilitates the veterans’ social and academic integration into the university.
  • WoMen's Center Opens in new window The WoMen's Center mission is to disseminate information on the status of women and men in society today, to foster an environment to enhance gender knowledge and awareness and to focus on the elimination of stereotypes, including racial, gender, sexual orientation, age and socioeconomic status.
  • Adult Reentry Center (ARC)Opens in new window The Adult Reentry Center (ARC) is part of the WoMen’s Center and is dedicated to issues encountered by the student returning to school after a substantive absence. The center's mission is to provide support services to prospective students and current students who have multiple responsibilities outside the role of student. The center serves as a resource to the CSUF community in providing an educational environment for adult learners' success and retention.

Transportation, Health and Safety

  • Campus Maps and DirectionsOpens in new window Parking and Transportation Services provides directions and map for accessing University facilities.
  • Campus Virtual TourOpens in new window Access the University’s Virtual Tour to find your campus resources and your classrooms.
  • Student WellnessOpens in new window The University has an onsite health and counseling center available to all students. Most services are provided at greatly reduced rates; some services are free. Appointments required
  • Student SafetyOpens in new window The University is committed to providing an environment safe for all students, faculty and staff. It's very important for all students to have a knowledge and understanding of the University's Emergency Procedures in the event of a fire, earthquake, active shooter, or other emergencies.
  • University PoliceOpens in new window University Police Department provides customer service for our campus community taking a proactive approach to the prevention of crime. Lost and found property is centrally managed through this department. Campus rules and regulations can be found through this link.