Meet Our Tutors

Barbara Gossett

Barbara GossettBarbara spent her last 18 years of employment as a planner at Caltrans, writing reports and editing engineering documents. She retired in 2009, recently enough that she misses the fun and challenge of helping people construct readable reports that present sound arguments, peppered with well-chosen words, and she is looking forward to working with nursing students.

Lorraine Thone Ritch

Lorraine Thone RitchThone Ritch, a Southern California native, earned her Master’s Degree in English Literature from CSUF. She taught English for thirty-three years in West Covina Unified School District, with thirty of those years at the high school level. She is the mother of one son with learning disabilities, so she understands firsthand the challenges these present.

Thone has traveled to Switzerland, France, Viet Nam, Thailand, Cambodia, Hawaii, and the Caribbean Islands. Her sense of adventure throughout her adult life led her to experience white water rafting, ballooning, kayaking and jet skiing. She has flown a Cessna 4-seater plane and parasailed over the North Eastern Sea (aka the China Sea).

Much of the excitement in her retirement years has come from Osher Life-Long Living Institute (OLLI) and CSUF’s Council for Successful Aging (CSA). Both groups have led her to staying physically and mentally active. Tutoring at CSUF is a way of giving something back to the university and the medical profession for all the help given to her in the past and the present.

John Raphael

John RaphaelBA, English; MA, English; Credential: Language Arts and Literature.

(In his own words): I completed two years of college as physics major. When Kennedy gave his “ask not” speech I joined the Army, just as the Viet Nam war escalated, was wounded – so they sent me computer school instead of the jungle. I spent three years fixing computers for the NSA. When I got out, IBM sent me to school, so I could fix their computers at Caltech. Then Caltech made me a Carnegie Fellow, so I could fix their astrophysics computers. The list goes on for another twenty years. I became the teacher at Calcomp, Hughes and Boeing; writing 105 books as a consultant along the way.

I finished my BA in English at Cal Poly, where I met my wife of 44 years in poetry class. So we both earned our Master’s at CSUF, hers in Art, mine in English again. Boy do I love to read.

My wife opened Orange County’s 1st children’s art school because they told us our oldest daughter wasn’t “gifted and talented” based on a 2nd grade IQ. The schools didn’t support visual learners or the kids gifted in art. It wasn’t in the budget.We raised four kids. Each one had to learn an instrument, take dance or karate, and pursue a sport. All four taught art at our school and earned every cent they spent. The three grown girls own their art school; their brother is a doctor. All four went to college on art scholarships.

The Art House is alive and well after 25 years, but I retired. I’m here because our family spent so many great years at CSUF. I love to be here. And, there is almost nothing I’d rather talk about than writing.