2017-2018 Academic Year


Capture_CSUFNews_0517Sixty-one students from Cal State Fullerton's nursing program took part in the Thursday, May 17, pinning ceremony on campus, to signify the completion of initial professional nursing education and marking the transition into professional practice as a registered nurse. The ritual dates back to the time of Florence Nightingale when the pin was awarded as a "badge of courage" to encourage students to faithfully serve the sick and dying in challenging situations.

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Health Care Executive Fulfills Dream of Nursing Doctorate

Ron Norby's Academic Achievements Ron Norby has finally achieved his dream of earning his doctorate. After decades as a nurse and health care executive for Veteran’s Affairs, Norby began a second career as an educator - all the while postponing his pursuit of his degree. Now Norby has been honored by the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLIE) for his dedication to lifelong learning and his many accomplishments with the Betty Robertson Award. Of his time at CSUF’s School of Nursing, Norby says it was “one of the most nurturing, collegial programs” and that he felt “supported every step of the way” while traversing the rigorous curriculum where his faculty were always present to ensure his and his peer’s success.

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President’s Scholars Celebrate Upcoming Graduation

President's Scholars

Campus members, family members and friends joined 23 President’s Scholars in a celebration of their upcoming graduation. It was also an opportunity to welcome 21 new President’s Scholars to CSUF. “You set the bar for the rest of our 40,000 students and we celebrate your accomplishments,” said President Fram Virjee during the May 1 festivities.

Congratulations to our BS nursing student, Charmaine Lim!

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Capture_FBalbum_0530 On Tuesday, May 1, 2018 the School of Nursing Faculty and Staff honored the 2017-2018 School of Nursing student awardees, scholarship recipients, DAISY Award winners, peer mentors and student leaders.

2017-2018 Stephanie Hernández Memorial Scholarship Recipient
2017-2018 María Dolores Hernández Scholarship Recipients
2017-2018 María Dolores Hernández Scholarship Awardees for the 2017-2018 Academic Year
2017-2018 Titan Shops Scholarship Recipient
2017-2018 California Community Foundation Scholarship Recipients
2017-2018 DAISY Faculty Award Recipient
2017-2018 DAISY In Training Award Recipient
2017-2018 SON Award Recipients

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Robust Aging Program: Brain Health Presentation

Capture_FBalbum_0501 SON Robust Aging Program students hosted OLLIE members for a presentation on Brain Health. Students Rosemary Harrison, Jacob Berumen, and Michelle Li successfully led the group on a review about what it takes to maintain and prevent cognition. They highlighted a Mediterranean Diet (mixed green salad with nuts, and oranges) along with aerobic exercise and assisted members in adding brain health apps on their phones or iPads.


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Capture_FBalbum_0421 CSU Fullerton School of Nursing's Upsilon Beta Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) Nursing Honor Society celebrated the 2018 inductees at their Saturday, April 21, 2018 Annual Poster Presentation and Induction Ceremony at Knott's Berry Farm Hotel.

The honored inductees include: Reyna Alvarado, Xally Araujo Bedolla, Aileen Arias, Michelle Arnott, Autumn Bennington, Angelica Bermudez, Christal Cariaga, Cecilio Cay, Noreen Clarke, Gabriela Corona, Todd Costa, Czarina De Guia, Oliver Delacruz, Cara Domene, Leslie Everhart, Mariam Fazil, Amanda Felton, Kimberly Fong, MaryAnne Francisco, Melissa Garcia, Tiffany Garcia, Lorena Gomez, Angela Gonzales, Dana Harris, Annmarie Herrera, Maria Inocencio, Anamaria Iosif, Chanell Jackson, Brittany Johnson, Valerie Jones, Amy Kha, Elisabeth Kistner, Ji Lee, Kelly Lent, Cindy Leung, Michelle Li, Charmaine Lim, Clifford Ly, Karen Martinez, Christopher Mendoza, Carla Mills, Joanne Mulvaney, Kristie Ngo, Brooke Odell, Leandra Pacheco-Caballero, Diane Persinger, Delbert S. Plaza Jr., Alexandra Primo, Ameli Ramirez, Maryam Razmandi, Abigale Rodriguez, Ariana Rodriguez Burciaga, Jason Ruper, Laura Sarff, Jan Serrano, Katie Shaw Johnson, Vivian Sheets, Brenna Shin, Megan Suresh, Angie Tran, Cassandra Tran, Helen Truong, Dianne Valbuena, Monique Velasco, Michelle Venegas, Mayra Vergara, Duong Vu, Ashley Wilson, Heidi Wu, Nichole Yamashiro, Lupe Yepez-Michel

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In this feature from The Daily Titan, Dr. Austin Nation discusses the disparities among communities of color, access to care for the LGBTQ community, and his desire for closing the health care gap.

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Certified Nurse Midwives lobbying for expanded access #SUPPORTAB2682

WHC News Certified Nurse Midwives are highly educated, experienced, and skilled medical practitioners. Certified Nurse Midwives also help train OB-GYN physicians during their residency. By having midwives work in tandem with physicians, we can expand access to health care and improve the quality of health care for all California women.

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Titan Nurses Across Generations Event - April 6, 2018

Capture_FBalbum_0506 The CSUF Nursing Student Association and Nursing Alumni Chapter hosted the second annual Titan Nurses Across Generations event during HHD Week on Friday, April 6, 2018. Dr. Dana Rutledge PhD, RN and CSUF Professor Emeritus spoke on "Innovation and Translational Science: Moving Ideas into Practice and Beyond". A graduate program panel took place for questions. This was a time to network and connect current students with alumni, faculty, and various nursing professionals.

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Volunteer 'patients' raise the bar for Cal State fullerton nursing student

Amy Lee

"Bringing the OLLI volunteers into the Sim Lab empowered me and my fellow nursing students to experience a higher quality of hands-on learning, where we could not only fine-tune our assessments, but develop effective communication skills. As challenging as it was, the more I practiced with another person, the more prepared I felt to transition into on-site clinical rotations."


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CSUF Nursing student finds passion helping new parents and being part of their 'firsts'

NATALIE NUESCA “Nursing is an art, so you have to be in there emotionally and physically,” Felton said. “As a nurse, you have the power to make that connection with a patient and build that trust with them.”
Felton strives to be a labor and delivery or obstetrics nurse because she loves the excitement that comes with the birth of babies and the stories the mothers share. Felton also enjoys witnessing what she likes to call “the cascade of firsts.”

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Campus Honors efforts supporting students, campus and community

OrrRinglWeismuller To receive this honor, faculty members must have a record of extraordinary and sustained service during the last three years and should exceed the normal expectations of faculty, explained Erika Bowers, director of the Faculty Development Center, which is sponsoring the event with the Division of Academic Affairs.

School of Nursing Honorees:
Marsha Orr, lecturer in nursing
Karen Ringl, lecturer in nursing
Penny Weismuller, professor of nursing

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Learning the Human Touch - Nursing StudeNts Experience Working with real patients

Facebook Album Although highly trained, when nurses enter an examination room, they may face individuals who are scared, in pain or confused.

Beyond finding out what the symptoms may be, nurses must be able to question, explain and respond in a manner that provides comfort for the patient and is easily understood.

Nursing students at Cal State Fullerton are now getting this kind of experience through the standardized patient program.

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Educator Strives to Prepare Future Nurses as Leaders and Educators - Sharrica Miller

Sharrica Miller Nursing has been near and dear to Sharrica Miller's heart since she was in high school and, through vocational training, serving as a certified nursing assistant.

"It was a natural fit. I considered pre-medicine (when going to college), but nursing and working with patients was closer to my heart," says the assistant professor of nursing, who has served as a clinical nurse, primarily in pediatrics, at UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital, CHOC, Miller Children's Hospital in Long Beach and Premier Nursing Registry.

Miller holds a master of science in nursing from Cal State Long Beach and a doctor of philosophy in nursing from UCLA. She previously served as an assistant professor at the American University of Health Sciences.

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CSUF’s Center for Healthy Neighborhoods hosts community health fair to provide education and resources

Community Health Fair Old-school Cumbia music filled the air at Richman Park Saturday as Fullerton adults and children alike participated in the third annual Community Health Fair.

The event, hosted by Cal State Fullerton’s Center for Healthy Neighborhoods and organized by the students in a Health Science 410 course, brought health and educational services to a community that lacks resources.
The School of Nursing helped local residents calculate their body mass index and provided information for families on healthy eating and exercising.

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Nurse Educator Believes in Helping Patients Live Well - Kristina Fortes

Kristina Fortes Kristina Fortes loves nursing.

"It's something I thought I would always do," says the 25-year nursing veteran, who is now teaching pathophysiology — the study of disease and how it affects different tissues — and physical assessment this fall at Cal State Fullerton. 

Fortes has served in intensive care units, emergency rooms and in palliative care. She is a member of the California Association of Nurse Practitioners, the Hospice and Palliative Care Nursing Association and Center to Advance Palliative Care.

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EMBRACE Grant provides funding for Nursing Learning Specialist staff position

Nursing Learning SpecialistManpreet Kaur is the Learning Specialist for the School of Nursing. The new role of SON Learning Specialist is a dedicated resource to assist nursing students who need help and guidance accessing campus resources related to academics. Manpreet wants her efforts as the SON Learning Specialist to “help students be successful in the nursing program so that they can achieve their educational goals, graduate, and make a difference in the community they serve.” Funding for the Learning Specialist position is supported by the HRSA Workforce Diversity grant project(link) "Enrichment Markers of Better Relationships, Academics and Cultural Enhancement" (EMBRACE).

Manpreet has many years of experience working with diverse populations and is excited to join the School of Nursing student support team. She has worked for nonprofits most of her career, serving the community by providing community resources and guiding students to achieve their academic goals. Manpreet is a proud Titan! She earned her bachelor’s degree in Human Services from CSUF and also holds a master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Southern California.

As the School of Nursing Learning Specialist, Manpreet is available to assist students in navigating academic resources so they can succeed at CSU Fullerton. Students should contact Manpreet if they are having difficulty in a class; need resources on reading, writing, studying, or APA style; think they might have a learning disability; or are otherwise concerned about academics.

Email EMBRACE@fullerton.edu to schedule appointment with the SON Learning Specialist.

Governor's Signature Gives Nursing Pilot Program Permanence

http://news.fullerton.edu/2017fa/Nursing-Bill-Expands-DNP-Effort.aspx With the recent signing of Assembly Bill 422, Gov. Jerry Brown has not only allowed the five-year pilot program offered by the Southern California CSU DNP Consortium — representing CSU campuses Fullerton, Long Beach and Los Angeles — to continue, but also allowed for all CSU campuses to establish Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) programs.

Within the Southern California CSU DNP Consortium, the program will expand with the addition of a new concentration: nurse anesthesia. The CSUF School of Nursing currently offers a concentration in nurse anesthesia as part of the master's degree program. That program will be phased out to meet the new requirements of the Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia to transition to the doctoral level.

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Nurse Coach: A New resource for CSUF Nursing Students

Jutara Srivali Teal Dr. Jutara Srivali Teal is the Nurse Coach for the CSU Fullerton School of Nursing. The new role of Nurse Coach is a dedicated resource for nursing students needing support toward achieving their goals. Funding for the Nurse Coach position is supported by the HRSA Workforce Diversity grant project "Enrichment Markers of Better Relationships, Academics and Cultural Enhancement" (EMBRACE).

Dr. Teal joins the School of Nursing with more than 30 years of experience in nursing and holistic health. Jutara Srivali Teal is part of the Titan family! She earned her Doctor of Nursing Practice at Cal State Fullerton through the Southern California CSU DNP Consortium and her master’s degree in nursing from CSU Dominguez Hills. In addition to her nursing credentials, she holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UCLA and a master’s degree in Traditional and Oriental Medicine from Emperor’s College. She has spent most of her career working with diverse populations in Los Angeles County and has experience as a bilingual teacher’s assistant, a licensed acupuncturist, a registered nurse, a nursing student supervisor, a nursing instructor, and a nursing faculty mentor.

Coming from a family of nurses, Dr. Srivali Teal, says that her inspiration for entering nursing came from them, but caring for patients was the inspiration that keeps her here. “I found that the work of nursing is the inspiration that has kept me in nursing for 31 years. There is nothing more inspiring than to witness the strength of the human spirit daily — the strength of the human spirit that fights to thrive in the face of life’s challenges. There is nothing more rewarding than the privilege of helping another human being…”

As the Nurse Coach, Dr. Teal is available to assist students in finding the resources they need to be successful at CSU Fullerton. Students should contact Dr. Teal for help addressing challenges they are facing including finding a balance between school and life, dealing with tough patient situations, financial concerns and food insecurity, confronting family challenges, or exploring what is the best choice for them right now. She can also connect students to University and community resources to address other needs. As students learn the complexities of nursing—both the science and the art—which leads to human caring, Dr. Teal states, “Most of all, I hope students take away the understanding that compassion, for others and for ourselves, is essential for all nursing work.” She is excited to be available to students to help each one reach his or her goals

She may be reached via email: EMBRACE@fullerton.edu

CSUF Awarded $12 Million in Grants, Contracts and Program Funding

MielkeDoyerMatzaBoytim More than $12.1 million has been awarded to Cal State Fullerton during the first quarter of the academic year. The funding supports programs that help students go to college, earn degrees in specific fields, expand high-impact practices for students and benefit communities, and underwrite faculty research, much of which is conducted with students working alongside faculty members. Among the awards given between July 1 and Sept. 30 are:

Ruth Mielke, associate professor of nursing: $698,801 Department of Health and Human Services/Health Resources and Services Administration for "Advanced Nursing Education Grant Program: Rural-Women of the Mountain Accessing New Services." 

Barbara Doyer, lecturer in nursing: $124,513 from the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development for “Standardized Patients in the BSN Health Assessment Courses.”

Maria Matza, assistant professor of nursing: $50,000 from Kaiser Foundation Hospitals for "Latino/a Neighborhood Health Advocates for Health Access." 

Michael Boytim, lecturer in nursing: $27,112 from the Health Resources and Services Administration for the “Nurse Anesthetist Traineeships” project.

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Service Part of Inspiration for Nursing Educator - Jutara Srivali Teal

Jutara Srivali Teal Jutara Srivali Teal, who earned her doctorate in nursing at Cal State Fullerton, brings more than 30 years of nursing experience into the classroom as she returns to her alma mater as an assistant professor.

She has served as a licensed acupuncturist, a registered nurse and a certified critical-care nurse — and for most of her career has worked with diverse populations in Los Angeles County. She has been a bilingual teacher’s assistant; a clinical, in-service and nursing instructor; a nursing student supervisor; and has mentored other nursing instructors.


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CSUF Named Among Nation's Most Innovative Institutions - Graduate Nursing Programs again listed highly

US News & World Report 2017 Rankings In graduate school rankings by the publication, Cal State Fullerton is listed highly in several nursing categories:

4th in nursing-anesthesia
20th in nursing-midwifery
116th in best nursing schools: doctor of nursing practice
131st in best nursing schools: master’s

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BSN White Coat Ceremony - August 26, 2017

White Coat Ceremony Each year, the CSUF School of Nursing hosts a White Coat Ceremony, in honor of the newly admitted class of nursing students. The ceremony is a celebration of the students’ start on their journey through nursing school.
During the ceremony, a School of Nursing faculty member coats each student. The students are provided with a School of Nursing pom-pom, which they are instructed to give to their friends and family in the audience, so they could cheer them on as they celebrate the start of nursing school. After each student has been coated, the cohort of new students recite the nursing pledge aloud together.
This year, the ceremony featured CSUF Alumni speaker Jennifer Davis, RN, BSN. Jennifer spoke to the students about what to expect as they begin their hospital clinical rotations, and gave them advice on how to make the most of their experience in nursing school. She spoke about her own experience as a nursing student at CSUF, and encouraged the new students to recognize the important role their support systems will play as they go through nursing school.

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Boot Camp for Nursing Students Builds Bonds and Knowledge

OC Register Capture Being a leader in itself is definitely a rewarding experience that I would never have imagined having, as I dealt with such past barriers as the foster care system and at a younger age being told I wouldn’t go anywhere. By getting involved in the NSA club on campus, I grew to love what this organization is all about, making me want to be a leader for the club, passionate about an organization that helps student nurses grow and become successful. A quote that I live by is, “If you truly love something, you’ll make time for it.”
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Pre-Licensure BSN Orientation - July 24, 2017

Facebook Capture Team-building activities for a new year of incoming Accelerated BSN, Traditional BSN and Freshman Nursing students.

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Tenure and promotions announced 

Elaine Rutkowski The tenure and/or promotion of 57 faculty members has been announced by the Office of Faculty Affairs and Records. Effective August 17, 2017 Dr. Elaine Rutkowski has been promoted to Professor of Nursing.

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