2018-2019 Academic Year

Donation Supports Nursing’s State-of-the-Art Simulation Center

Capture_CSUFNews_0606 Opens in new window Recently, medical equipment manufacturer Hill-Rom donated four state-of-the-art hospital beds to the simulation center, where students are developing technical and cognitive skills through a wide range of simulated patient cases!

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Capture_CSUFNews_0517 Opens in new window As part of the 100-plus year tradition that serves as a rite of passage into the nursing profession, nursing students were “pinned” and recited the Florence Nightingale Pledge promising that they will practice their profession faithfully, maintain and elevate the standard of their profession and dedicate themselves to the welfare of those committed to their care.

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Titans Work Together to Change the Lives of Foster Youth, One Bag at a Time

Capture_CSUFNews_0510 Opens in new window The School of Nursing and Guardian Scholars Program for current and former foster youth teamed with the community organization Together We Rise to raise $4,128.43 for the project dubbed "Sweet Cases."

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Capture_CSUFNews_0422 Opens in new window Lisa Baughman wants to see foster youth get the best medical and dental care possible but sometimes this proves difficult in the foster care system. William Glasser was seeing partners of veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder developing similar PTSD symptoms but not getting care. Both DNP candidates decided to make these issues the subject of their doctoral research.

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Researcher Helps Others Identify Human Trafficking’s Youngest Victims

Capture_CSUFNews_0413 Opens in new window Dr. Hannah Fraley has focused her research and passion on helping some of the youngest victims of human trafficking. “There are approximately 300,000 youth trafficked in the United States — and those are only the identified victims.”

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University Awards Recognize the Work of Titans

Capture_CSUFNews_0412 Opens in new window In addition to recognizing employees’ years of service and achievement of advanced degrees, the awards program presented three campus wide awards. Dr. Sharrica Miller, assistant professor of nursing, was awarded this year’s Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Award for her leadership in establishing the first annual Diversity and Inclusion Symposium within the School of Nursing.

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Championing Women’s Health Care

Capture_CSUFNews_0211 Opens in new window Cal State Fullerton has become an in-demand institution for the education of nurses trained specifically for midwifery/women’s health care. Ranked among the nation’s top programs in the field, according to U.S. News & World Report, it is one of only two universities that offer a nurse-midwifery program in California, and admits only a fraction of the student applicants who apply every year.

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CSUF School of Nursing Seeks to Expand Admission Criteria for Freshman Program

Capture_CSUFNews_0211 Opens in new window To enhance its ability to admit applicants who demonstrate academic readiness and potential for success, the School of Nursing at Cal State Fullerton seeks to augment the current admissions criteria for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing pre-licensure program.

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Campus Establishes Streamlined Pathway to Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

Capture_CSUFNews_0128 Opens in new window In a move to increase the number of nurses and the diversity of workforces, Cal State Fullerton has signed Memorandums of Understanding with Riverside City College to create pathways from the associate degree in nursing to a bachelor of science in nursing.

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CSUF nursing students challenged to understand life in the cycle of poverty

Capture_OCRegister_0123 Opens in new window 120 students from the Cal State Fullerton’s School of Nursing participated in a Poverty Simulation, designed to help them understand how easy it is for individuals and families to fall into the cycle of poverty, and to make them better advocates for their patients in those situations.

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Students Receive Training in Evaluating Substance Abuse Disorders

Capture_CSUFNews_0116 Opens in new window Students in Cal State Fullerton’s Nursing are getting training on substance abuse thanks to a three-year Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration grant. The final year award of $258,521, brings the total award to nearly $700,000.

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Learning About Poverty at the Personal Level

Capture_CSUFNews_0110 Opens in new window “To drive home the issues facing their future patients and clients who may be living paycheck to paycheck, perhaps in poverty, Cal State Fullerton’s School of Nursing is offering a Jan. 20 poverty simulation in which students will serve as patients/clients.”

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Health, Human Development and Student Affairs Leaders Receive Honors

Vaughn_web Opens in new window Stephanie Vaughn, professor and director of the School of Nursing, is the 2018 recipient of the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses’ Distinguished Service Award. The award recognizes outstanding contribution to rehabilitation nursing and demonstrated leadership in ARN activities.

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Men in Nursing 2018: Jose Llanas, RN

Capture_WorkingNurse_1210 Opens in new window Male nurses hail from different backgrounds and specialties, but they are united in their dedication, clinical expertise and compassion.

Meet one of them, Jose Llanas, a California State University, Fullerton student.

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Midwife Dr. Angela Sojobi teaches Titans from experience

Capture_DailyTitan1106“Angela Sojobi, assistant professor of nursing at Cal State Fullerton, said she’s delivered so many babies as a midwife that she stopped counting after 5,000.“


TitanWell’s health clinic fights the flu at Cal State Fullerton

Capture_CSUFNews_1025The effort was a partnership between the Health Services department and the School of Nursing to give shots to those who are enrolled at CSUF as a way to help prevent the spread of the flu.

Summer Experiences Range from the ER to Thailand

Capture_CSUFNews_0926 Opens in new window Sherin Tara, a senior nursing major, spent almost a month serving in the emergency room at Martin Army Community Hospital in Fort Benning, Georgia.

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Future nurses at Cal State Fullerton learn to care for diverse community

Capture_OCRegister_0920 Opens in new window To ensure that the workplace of professional nurses is prepared to care for the changing demographics and be culturally sensitive to all cultures and groups, Cal State Fullerton’s School of Nursing is making it a top priority to not only increase the diversity of its students but add instruction to help them better care for their future patients.

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Nursing students cheered as they don their white coats

Capture_OCRegister_0915 Opens in new window Newly admitted students in the bachelor of science in nursing program received their white coats on September 15th, symbolizing the start of the clinical-rotations phase of their nursing studies.

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Seven New Tenure-Track Faculty Join Health and Human Development College

Capture_CSUFNews_0917 Opens in new window The College of Health and Human Development welcomed seven new tenure-track faculty members this fall, including a cancer prevention researcher and an assistant professor of social work whose research explores how children and adults acquire and apply the skills, attitudes and knowledge to understand and manage emotions.

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CSUF recognized for championing diversity and inclusion

Nurse Anesthetist, Dr. Sassoon Elisha, inducted as fellow in academy class

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Dr. Sassoon Elisha, assistant director at CSUF’s Kaiser Permanente School of Anesthesia, is one of three certified registered nurse anesthetists inducted as fellow in the American Academy of Nursing’s 2018 highly distinguished academy class.

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Ellen DeGeneres awards CSUF nursing student $50,000 to pay off her student loans

Capture_DailyTitan_0917Student loans are daunting for college student across America. That’s why when Lauren Wakefield, a nursing major, saw Ellen reach out to her college audience on social media about debt and she instantly responded.



Capture_FBPhotoAlbum_0915 Opens in new window Each year, the CSUF School of Nursing hosts a White Coat Ceremony, in honor of the newly admitted class of nursing students. The ceremony is a celebration of the students’ start on their journey through nursing school.

During the ceremony, a School of Nursing faculty member coats each student which marks the transition into their first hands-on clinical course at a local partnering hospital. After each student has been coated, the cohort of new students recite the nursing pledge aloud together.

This year, the ceremony featured CSUF Alumni speaker Stacy Pico, MSN, RN. Stacy spoke about her own experience as a nursing student at CSUF, and encouraged the new students to recognize the important role their support systems will play as they go through nursing school.

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Science Has No Borders for Students in International Health Disparities Research Program

Capture_CSUFNews_0827 Opens in new window School of Nursing students at CSUF spend 10 weeks conducting research in Argentina, the United Kingdom, Thailand, and Canada through CSUF’s Minority Health and Health Disparities International Research Training Program, known as MHIRT.

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SON Faculty and Staff Fall Retreat

Capture_CSUFNews_0824 Opens in new window School of Nursing faculty & staff started the 2018 Fall semester with a Star Wars themed retreat focusing on engagement. After a festive morning of photobooth fun, Dr. Erica Bowers presented on engagement tools and Chewbacca made a special appearance! May the force of engagement be with us this academic year!

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CSUF Among Top 12 Percent of ‘Best Colleges for Your Money’

Capture_CSUFNews_0817 Opens in new window Quality of education, affordability and outcomes have earned Cal State Fullerton a spot among the top 12 percent of universities in Money magazine’s “Best Colleges for Your Money 2018”

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Fall 2018 Orientation

Capture_FBPhotoAlbum_0801 Opens in new window 80 Pre-Licensure students, 150 RN-BSN students and 95 MSN students came together as one large group for our Fall 2018 Orientation. Welcome to the School of Nursing!

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Summer programs take CSUF students into new—and ancient—worlds

Capture_CSUFNews_0807 Opens in new window While Cal State Fullerton strategic management students were learning and touring in China this summer, their schoolmates have been having other exciting  adventures of their own.

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Capture_CSUFNews_0724 Opens in new window "There is a great need for primary care providers in rural areas," said Ruth Mielke, women's health care concentration coordinator. "The hope is that if a student has a positive clinical experience training in an underserved site that student may be more likely to consider working in that site or a similar site after graduation."

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Titans Primed for Doctoral Programs

Capture_CSUFNews_0718 Opens in new window With curriculum vitaes pages deep with research presentations, publications in progress, teaching experience and accolades, four Cal State Fullerton graduates are continuing their educational journeys this fall with support from the Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program.

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Capture_CSUFNews_0709 Opens in new window The Office of Faculty Affairs and Records has announced the tenure and/or promotion of 2 nursing faculty members, effective August 20, 2018.

Asma Taha, Professor of Nursing
Maria Matza, Associate Professor of Nursing

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