Accelerated BSN Admission Requirements


PLEASE NOTE:  As of January 31, 2018, some of the admission requirements have changed.  These changes apply to the Fall 2019 admission cycle.  Please thoroughly review the updated website.

Bachelor's Degree (or higher degree) in any field from a regionally accredited college/university.

  • Regional accrediting organizations include MSCHEOpens in new window NEASCOpens in new window NCA-HLCOpens in new window SACSOpens in new window  and WASCOpens in new window . Regional accreditation is granted to the university, not specific programs / majors. To verify the accreditation of your baccalaureate degree granting college/university, visit that institution's website and/or search for the school on the regional accrediting organizations' websites. National accreditation alone is not sufficient.
  • Bachelor’s degree must be conferred by the end of the Fall semester of the application period.
  • Foreign Degrees: If you completed your Bachelor’s degree outside of the United States, you must have your official transcripts evaluated by a foreign transcript evaluation agency for equivalencyPDF File Opens in new window .
    • TOEFL: Students whose primary language is not English must earn a minimum of 550 on the paper Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), 213 on the computer-based TOEFL, or 79 on the Internet Based TOEFL. You may qualify for a waiver (and will not need to take an English Proficiency test) if you:
      • Attended at least three full years at a U.S. high school;
      • Earned a bachelor’s or higher degree from a U.S. educational institution;
      • Completed 60 transferable semester units at a U.S. educational institution, including the Golden 4 general education requirements;
      • Attended an international educational institution for at least three years (full-time) at the secondary level or above where English is the native language of the country. Those are Antigua, Australia, The Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Botswana, Canada (except Québec), Ghana, Guyana, Ireland, Jamaica, Kenya, New Zealand,  Nigeria, Scotland, South Africa, Trinidad, the United Kingdom, Virgin Islands and Wales. Case-by-case assessments are made for Norway and Singapore.
    • Applicants with a foreign bachelor’s degree may be required to complete additional General Education (GE) courses in order to fulfill the bachelor degree requirements of CSUF.

Please be aware that a social security number is required for background checks upon admission to the program and for applying for license as a Registered Nurse. Students without a social security number cannot be admitted to the program.

Cumulative GPA & Prerequisite Courses

Cumulative GPA minimum of 3.25 overall for all college level coursework.

All prerequisite courses must also be completed with a minimum overall GPA of 3.25.

You must earn a “B-” or higher in each science prerequisite course. You must earn a "C" or higher in each non-science prerequisite course.

Courses do not expire. Please visit the Prerequisite CoursesOpens in new window page for more information.

Application to the University

The application to CSUF is through Cal State ApplyOpens in new window  and is open between October 1 - November 30.

Applicants of this program complete the undergraduate (not graduate) application.

School of Nursing Application

Applicants must submit an online School of Nursing Accelerated BSN application. This application is open from October 1 - January 15 each year.

All applicants will be reviewed for admission. Those who meet the minimum admission requirements will be required to complete a Statement of Purpose. Once the application closes, qualified applicants will be notified via email with instructions on the Statement of Purpose, how to submit, and the deadline.



Letters of recommendation and entrance exams (i.e.: TEAS, HESI) are not required or accepted for admission to the program.

Veteran Admission Considerations
CSUF SON will accept qualified CSUF student applicants who have completed relevant military education and experiences, have met the admission requirements, and who present documented equivalency courses.  These individuals are eligible for consideration of taking a challenge exam as outlined in the CSUF University Catalog and the BSN Student Handbook once admitted to the nursing program.

Executive Order 1036 Article 1 Credit by Examinations and Article 2.3 Verification and Evaluation of Learning, Knowledge, or Skills Acquired through Experience fulfills BRN regulations related to Military Credit in nursing.  The Executive Order is clear that evaluation of courses is “in accord with legitimate academic standards by faculty who are competent in the appropriate disciplines.” As applicable, previous education for all military candidates is evaluated for transfer credit. The School of Nursing will verify and evaluate nursing content.  Appropriate disciplines will verify pre-requisites to admission and other non-nursing but required coursework.

Previous Health Related Experience Admission Considerations
Candidates who have taken courses related to nursing with a theoretical foundation and are currently practicing in the healthcare setting (i.e., CNA, Respiratory Tech, Hemodialysis Tech, LPT, and Phlebotomist) and those with military experience related to nursing (i.e. medic), may challenge specific courses. The student must make an appointment with the Program Coordinator and Academic Advisor to discuss this option and his/her qualifications. Eligible candidates will be given the challenge process for specific courses. The University policy for challenge exams will be followed.

Previous Nursing Education Considerations
Candidates with previous Registered Nursing education may be given transfer credit for previous nursing courses equivalent to the School of Nursing courses. The student must make an appointment with the Program Coordinator and Academic Advisor to discuss this option and his/her qualifications.  The School of Nursing will verify and evaluate nursing content.  Appropriate disciplines will verify pre-requisites to admission and other non-nursing but required coursework.  Admission consideration for qualified applicants will be according to availability of space.