Application: Open February 1 to March 1

Interested in the Jump Start program at California State University, Fullerton? Please review the eligibility requirements prior to completing an application.

Students will only need to complete the School of Nursing application for the Jump Start program. You will not need to complete additional applications unless you are a graduating fourth semester ADN student (May or June).

If you are a fourth semester ADN student, you must have a Fall RN-BSN application on file with the University and the School of Nursing to be eligible for the Jump Start program. 

Please do not send your official transcripts! Unofficial transcripts are only required to be uploaded to this application.

Official transcripts will only need to be submitted once you complete an RN-BSN application for the University and the School of Nursing. 

For questions or course reviews, please contact the Pre-Enrollment Advisor, Laurel Replogle, at

If you completed a Fall School of Nursing application for the RN-BSN program, you will need to register an additional account with a different email address to access the Jump Start application.