Jump Start Courses Offered in Summer 2017

  • NURS 305 Professional Nursing (4 units)
  • NURS 310 Nursing Research/Evidence Based Practice (3 units)
  • NURS 340 Advanced Concepts I (2) 
  • NURS 340L Advanced Concepts I Lab (1) 

Course selection 

First-time Jump Start students can select to enroll into NURS 305 or NURS 310 or both the first summer semester. 

Jump Start students who have previously completed both NURS 305 and NURS 310 in prior summers are eligible to enroll into NURS 340 and NURS 340L. 


To review the course descriptions, please visit the RN-BSN websiteOpens in new window .

Course Format

Each course will be offered face-to-face on the CSUF campus and online. Applicants must indicate format preference on the application.  

Jump Start courses will be offered through Cal State Fullerton Open University. Please note that CSUF financial aid is not available for these courses

Tuition and Fees:

Full payment is due no later than mid-May to Open University. Specific date will be provided to select participants upond acceptance. 

Tuition (subject to change): 

  • $366 per unit
  • Additional distance fees apply to online classes at $50 per each lecture unit and $100 per each lab unit
  • $25 consolidated course fee
  • $4 Student ID Card fee