MSN Nurse Anesthesia Prerequisite Course


  • Course Level: Course must be upper division. Upper division courses are generally junior/senior level courses offered at 4 year colleges/universities. If the course is upper division, it will meet this requirement with no further review. Some lower division courses have been reviewed and approved to meet this prerequisite as well. For a complete list of previously reviewed and approved lower division courses, please click herePDF File Opens in new window .
  • Required Grade: Grade earned in the course must be C or better.
  • Completion Time Frame: You may have this prerequisite in progress at the time of application but it must be complete prior to starting the program.
  • Recency Requirement: There is no recency requirement however if it has been over 5 years since you have completed an approved statistics course, we recommend you consider retaking a statistics course prior to starting the program. Retaking statistics if your approved course was completed more than 5 years ago is not required but you will need to use statistics in your MSN courses so should be familiar with statistical concepts.
  • If you have completed a lower division statistics course at a community college or 4 year institution, please click herePDF File Opens in new window to see if the course you took has already been reviewed and evaluated to meet our prerequisite.
  • If the lower division course you completed is not on our Approved Lower Division StatisticsPDF File Opens in new window course list, you can have the class you completed reviewed by the School of Nursing to see if it contained sufficient content to meet the prerequisite requirement. To have a course reviewed, please email the following information to
    • Full Name
    • MSN Concentration of Interest
    • Course Details: course name & number, institution where course was completed, term course was completed
    • Attach a detailed course syllabus to the email. Course descriptions are not sufficient. If you no longer have a syllabus from the course, contact the institution where you completed the course to request a syllabus.
  • If you have not yet completed this prerequisite and would like to take a lower division course, please use the Approved Lower Division StatisticsPDF File Opens in new window course list to select a pre-approved course to complete.
  • If you would like to complete this requirement through CSUF, you can enroll in university courses through Open University. View the Open University website for details about how to register, payment, etc at in new window . Acceptable CSUF courses include SOCI 303 and HESC 349.


BRN Prerequisites for Licensure for Out of State Applicants

If you are currently licensed as a Registered Nurse outside the state of California, you must apply and qualify for California RN LicensureOpens in new window through the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) to start the CRNA program, if admitted. The BRN requires all applicants for RN Licensure in the state of California to have completed the following prerequisite courses: 

  • Communication skills, six (6) semester or nine (9) quarter units shall include principals of:
    • Oral communication
    • Written communication
    • Group communication
  • Related natural sciences, sixteen (16) semester or twenty-four (24) quarter units shall include:
    • Anatomy with lab
    • Physiology with lab
    • Microbiology with lab
    • Behavioral sciences (Psychology)
    • Social sciences

KPSA and CSUF do not screen for these prerequisites during the application and admission process. It is up to each out of state applicant to ensure he or she has completed the necessary courses to qualify for California RN licensure prior to starting the program if admitted. For additional information about these requirements, visit the California BRN website at