MSN Leadership Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to choose one format (online or face to face) prior to applying?

Yes, you must indicate on your application which format you prefer. Should you change your mind during the admission process, let us know and we can update your application prior to admitting you.

Can I switch between the campus based and online formats while enrolled in the program?

We do encourage you to put careful thought into your format selection prior to starting the program, however if your situation changes or you find the format you initially selected is not right for your learning style, you can work with your nursing advisor to change formats if needed after you have started the program.

If I choose the campus based format, will I take any online classes?

Yes. Generally about half the courses are online. You will be provided with technology resources to help you be successful in the online classes.

In the campus based format, how many days will I attend class on campus?

In general, you will attend class 1 day per week on campus. The specific day of the week classes are held may change each semester. You will register 2-3 months prior to each semester starting which allows you time to make any needed schedule changes to accommodate your class day each semester.

I have never taken online classes and I am not sure if online learning is right for me.

Check out CSUF’s online readiness checklistPDF File Opens in new window to help you make that decision.

Do I have set class times in the online format?

No. You can log in to your course anytime day or night to complete coursework. Occasionally, instructors may offer set log in times for virtual office hours or live question/answer sessions.

In the online format, can I work at my own pace through the course?

No. Online coursework through the School of Nursing is structured similarly to face to face classes in that you will have assignments to complete based on a set schedule with definite due dates. Students do not work through courses at their own pace but rather stay on track together to foster collaborative discussion with classmates and instructors throughout the whole semester.

Will I have clinical classes to complete?

Students will enroll in a leadership practicum course in each of their last two semesters in the program. These practicum courses consist of supervised learning experiences working with preceptors in a variety of settings, either in nursing service organizations or academic areas. Students are placed individually with a preceptor and complete about 100 hours with the preceptor for each practicum course. Students may be able to complete the practicum experience at their place of employment but not in the department where they have direct reporting responsibility.