MSN Nurse Educator Selection Process

The School of Nursing will begin reviewing applications after the priority deadline. During the initial application review the Graduate Nursing Advisor looks for degree and prerequisite course completion and works in partnership with the University Admissions department to calculate an official GPA. If the application meets the minimum requirements in these areas, the Nurse Educator Concentration lead will review the complete application including the personal statement and recommendations to make an admission decision. Phone interviews may be conducted by the Nurse Educator Concentration lead as well.

Well qualified applicants will have the following:

  • GPA above 3.0
  • Well written personal statement that demonstrates high level writing and critical thinking skills as well as strong desire and capability to pursue graduate study
  • Recommendations that address an applicant's nursing skills, contributions to place of employment or education, dedication to the nursing field, nursing education and to lifelong learning. 
  • Two or more years of full time clinical RN work experience within the past 3 years