School Nursing Curriculum


The MSN School Nurse curriculum includes 32 units of graduate nursing coursework.

CSUF's School Nurse Services Credential students have the option to continue immediately into the MSN School Nursing program. In order to apply all credential units towards the MSN, students must be reclassified as graduate students after their first semester. More information will be sent to SNSC students in their first semester of the SNSC program.

For all other students, additional CSUF units may be required to meet the 32 unit requirement.

The program is completed in 5 semesters. Courses are offered completely online. Faculty for the online courses may require students to log in synchronously at specified times during a semester.

This program uses a cohort model where students follow a set study plan. The study plan is designed by the faculty to give students the best learning experiences and to ensure courses are taken in the proper order to accommodate all needed prerequisites for each course. Online coursework through the School of Nursing is structured similarly to face to face classes in that you will have assignments to complete based on a set schedule with definite due dates. Students do not work through courses at their own pace but rather stay on track together to foster collaborative discussion with classmates and instructors throughout the whole semester.

Study Plan

Semester Courses Units
Fall NURS 524 - Advanced Health Assessment: Ambulatory Pediatrics (3)*
NURS 530 - School Nurse Specialist I (3)*
Spring NURS 508 - Advanced Nursing: Vulnerable Populations (3)*
NURS 532 - School Nurse Specialist II (3)*
NURS 533L - School Nurse Specialist Practicum (3)*
Fall NURS 502 - Theoretical & Research Perspectives for Advanced Nursing Practice (3)
NURS 507 - Advanced Decision Making: Nursing Issues Seminar (3)*
NURS 552 - Advanced Pharmacology: Prescriptive Authority (3)*
Spring NURS 505B - Seminar in Nursing Research (3) 3
Fall NURS 540 - Advanced Pathophysiology: Clinical Implications for Nurses (2)
NURS 597 - Project (3)

All courses and course sequences are subject to change at any time.

*SNS Credential Courses


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