MSN Women's Health Care Admission Timeline

October 1  Cal State ApplyOpens in new window  University Application opens for the Fall term. 

February 1:  Priority application deadline. The following items must be submitted by this date to be considered a priority applicant:

  • Online University Application (all recommendations must be complete before you will be able to submit the application)
  • University Application Fee 
  • Envelope containing all official transcripts mailed to the School of Nursing must be postmarked by this date

February:  Applications processed and reviewed. You can monitor the status of your application online through the CSUF portal. For more information visit the  CSUF Admissions and RecordsOpens in new window  website. Email is the primary communication method used throughout the application process to provide updates. 

March: Interviews completed for invited applicants

End of March: Admission notifications sent via email