RN-BSN Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to the RN-BSN program? How often are applicants accepted to the RN-BSN program?

Applying to the RN-BSN program is a two-step process. Prospective applicants must first complete a University Application, and then complete the School of Nursing Application. An applicant may begin the School of Nursing application and make changes until the application deadline. The application must be completed in full and submitted by the deadline or it will not be considered for that admission term. The School of Nursing accepts applications twice a year: Fall and Spring.

When is the application open for the RN-BSN program?

Fall Application Period
University Application: October 1 – November 30
School of Nursing Application: October 1 – March 1

Spring Application Period
University Application: August 1 – August 31
School of Nursing Application: August 1 – August 31

Can I apply for both formats (campus and distance)? Can I switch to the other format once admitted into the program?

An applicant must select campus OR distance when applying to the program. Once admitted, each applicant may only be allowed to switch between formats one time if there is space available.  The distance program is currently impacted. Applicants who are interested in the distance format, should apply directly into the distance program.

How many students are admitted into the RN-BSN program?

Historically, the RN-BSN program has not been impacted so all applicants who met the minimum admission requirements have been admitted.

How does an applicant know if the School of Nursing received the application?

Upon submission of the School of Nursing application, a confirmation email will be sent. In addition, the Pre-Enrollment Advisor will review all applications submitted during the application period. Please note that you will receive another confirmation email from the advisor. This process does take time. You will want to make sure to check your personal and CSUF email address on a daily basis. 

Do you need to be a California resident to be eligible for the RN-BSN program?

No, an applicant may apply to the RN-BSN program as a non-resident; however, applicants must be licensed as an RN in the State of California prior to the second semester of the program.

Do I need to submit my official transcripts to the university and the School of Nursing?

Applicants are required to submit official transcripts only to the School of Nursing. The Pre-Enrollment Advisor will submit your official transcripts to Admissions and Records for the applicant:

California State University - Fullerton
School of Nursing
Attn: [Please indicate the term and year you are applying]
800 N. State College Blvd
Fullerton, CA 92831

Can I be admitted in to the Nursing program without or before being admitted to the university?

No. The university must first evaluate the university application. If an applicant meets the university admission criteria, Admissions and Records will notify the School of Nursing. The School of Nursing will then evaluate the School of Nursing application to see if the School of Nursing admission requirements are met. If an applicant meets the School’s admission requirements also, the university will send an admission offer.

When will an applicant be notified of admission?

Applications for the RN-BSN program are processed after the deadline has passed. General admission decision dates are as follows:

Admission Decision Date

  • Applying for Fall: April 
  • Applying for Spring: November

Must all prerequisites be complete by the application deadline?

An applicant for the RN-BSN program can apply with prerequisite requirements in-progress; however, all prerequisite requirements are required to be completed prior to starting the program. 

Prerequisites Completed By

  • Applying for Fall: Summer
  • Applying for Spring: Fall 

An applicant can be conditionally admitted upon submission of proof of enrollment in any pending prerequisites. All final grades must be on file for prerequisites courses before an admitted student will be able to register for the first semester.

What needs to be completed prior to applying to the RN-BSN program?

Prospective applicant must complete 60 semester/90 quarter transferable units from a regionally accredited institution. A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution is also acceptable. In addition, applicants must complete the 8 required prerequisite coursework prior to starting the RN-BSN program.

Am I required to have my RN license prior to staring the program?

Applicants do not need an RN license at the time of application; however, to be eligible for the Full-Time (2 semesters) Study Plan, students must obtain a CA RN license within the first semester of the program.

Am I eligible to apply to the RN-BSN program with a foreign degree or coursework?

Yes, an applicant may apply with a foreign degree and/or foreign coursework. Applicants with foreign degrees/coursework must meet the same admission criteria. Although not required, we strongly encourage prospective students with foreign degrees/coursework to have their foreign transcripts evaluated by a foreign transcript evaluation agency to ensure they meet the degree, GPA and prerequisite course requirements prior to applying. For more information, please see the list of Foreign Transcript Evaluation Agencies.PDF File Opens in new window

Will a degree or any coursework completed at a nationally accredited institution transfer to CSUF?

No. CSUF cannot accept any coursework or degree from an institution that is only nationally accredited. An applicant’s coursework, or degree must be completed at a regionally accredited institution. Regional accreditation is granted to the university - not the specific program/major. To verify the accreditation of a degree, please visit the institution’s website and search for the institution’s accreditation page. Regionally accrediting organizations include: MSCHEOpens in new window , NEASCOpens in new window , NCA-HLCOpens in new window , NWCCUOpens in new window , SACSOpens in new window and WASCOpens in new window .

Are letters of recommendation required for the RN-BSN program?

No. The School of Nursing does not require letters of recommendation for admission in to the nursing program.

If I am admitted to the RN-BSN program but am unable to attend in the semester I applied, can I defer my admission?

No, the university does not offer an option to defer admission. If an admitted student is unable to start the program, he or she will need to reapply to the RN-BSN for the next application cycle.

What are the prerequisite requirements for the RN-BSN program?

University Prerequisite Courses:

  • Oral Communication (CSU, A.1)
  • English Composition (CSU, A.2)
  • Critical Thinking (CSU, A.3)
  • College Level Math (CSU, B.4)

School of Nursing Prerequisite Courses:

  • Human Anatomy (or Human Anatomy & Physiology I) with a lab
  • Human Physiology (or Human Anatomy & Physiology II) with a lab
  • Microbiology with a lab
  • Chemistry (General or Intro)
  • Statistics

Will I be ineligible if a science prerequisite was completed more than 5 years ago?

No.The School of Nursing does not have expiration dates on any prerequisite coursework for the RN-BSN program.

How do I know if a course will fulfill the prerequisite requirement?

You can review the detailed information on the Prerequisite Courses page or email the Pre-Enrollment Advisor at nursing@fullerton.edu for an unofficial review. 

Will I be ineligible if my grade point average is below the minimum 2.75 in both my last 60 semester units and cumulatively?

Yes. To be considered for admission, an applicant must have a minimum 2.75 cumulative or last 60 semester unit grade point average. Since the last 60 unit GPA calculation takes into account only an applicant's most recent coursework, applicants can continue to take additional courses to raise this GPA.

There are measures an applicant may take to recover and rehabilitate his or her cumulative grade point average if desired. One important basic principal: the more credit hours you have acquired, the more credit hours with higher grades it will take to raise your GPA.

  • REPEAT A COURSE(S): If a student received a low grade (C- or lower) in any coursework, he or she should consider repeating the course. Please consult with a counselor/advisor at the institution for more information about repeating a course for a higher grade.
  • ENROLL: Enrolling into a 3 unit course and receiving a high grade (A or B), can slowly raise your GPA.

Every institution has different policies. It’s paramount that the student discusses all options with a counselor or advisor at the institution he or she plans to raise the grade point average.

How long is the RN-BSN program?

Students can progress at their own pace in both formats of the program. The RN-BSN program can be completed in as few as 2 semesters. Please see the study plan page for additional notes about the 2 semesters plan. In general, most students complete the program in 4-5 semesters (16-20 months).

When are courses offered during the semester?

Courses are held in the morning or afternoon during the weekday. There are a limited amount of courses that are available on the weekend. These are generally lab courses.

Am I able to take a semester off or attend the RN-BSN program part-time?

Yes, an applicant is able to take a semester off or attend the RN-BSN program part-time.

Where will the NURS 402 lab course be completed?

This is the community health nursing lab, and it will be completed outside of the hospital setting; generally at a public community agency. We have partners within Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties.

How much is the RN-BSN program? Is financial aid available?

The School of Nursing encourages you to review the Tuition and Campus-Based FeesOpens in new window fees stated on the Student Financial Services website. Please keep in mind that all CSU listed fees are regarded as estimates that are subject to change. Based on the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 tuition cost, the RN-BSN program will be between $11,000 to $13,000 (Campus-Based) and $14,000 to  $17,000 (Distance-Based). This does not include other expenses (i.e. transportation, housing, textbooks, etc.). To review previous tuition fees, please visit: Tuition and Campus-Based FeesOpens in new window . The School of Nursing encourages students to review information on the CSUF Financial AidOpens in new window website and the School of Nursing Financial ResourcesOpens in new window website. The first step in the university financial aid process is completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)Opens in new window .