Academic Writing Coach

Academic Writing CoachAs the School of Nursing’s Academic Writing Coach, Alexis is available to help students develop their reading and writing skills. The Academic Writing Coach incorporates collaborative tutoring strategies to help students cultivate a wide variety of writing skills, including effectively deconstructing prompts, generating ideas for assignments, paragraph cohesion, paper organization, clarity, grammatical errors, and revision strategies.Students are welcome to seek help from the Academic Writing Coach at any stage of the writing process. Appointments can take place in person or via Zoom. To schedule an appointment with Alexis, email engage@fullerton.eduOpens in new window or

Alexis received her M.A. in English from California State University, Fullerton and her B.A. in English from New York University. She has taught English 101 at California State University, Fullerton and has worked as a Teaching Assistant at Fullerton College. Her writing has been published in The Bookends Review and the Voices Journal of Cultural Studies.