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SON Academic Peer Tutoring



Nursing Academic Peer Tutoring

The Cal State Fullerton Nursing Peer Tutor Program (NPT) aims their efforts to empower the academic success of a diverse student body. The NPT program remains committed to educating, supporting, and transforming diverse nurses. The NPT program offers an array of free individualized tutoring services: content review, study plans, test-taking strategies, study habits, practice questions, advice, and support. The NPT program ensures the success of our diverse study body while understanding and honoring students' lifestyles, beliefs, and goals.


Meet Our Board

Natalia Tobon, President

Natalia Tobon Natalia Tobon, President

Hometown: Irvine, CA

Career aspirations: Pediatric ICU or Cardio Vascular ICU Nurse and eventually an Nurse Practitioner.

Favorite study method: I love using the pomodoro technique for time management.  I modify it so I do cycles with 45 minutes of studying and 15 minutes of something relaxing.

Hobbies outside of school: Playing tennis, going on hikes, and practicing yoga.

Amie Ngyuen, Secretary

Amie Nguyen Amie Nguyen, Secretary

Hometown: Tustin, CA

Career Aspirations: Pediatric Nurse to Pediatric Nurse Practioner

Favorite Study Method: Practicing NCLEX-style questions, Anki (flash cards) and Quizlet.

Hobbies outside of school: Trying different boba places, building legos, and catching up on sleep!

Caleb Park, Treasurer

Caleb Park Caleb Park, Treasurer

Hometown: Fullerton

Career Aspirations: ICU Nurse

Favorite Study Method: My favorite Study method is looking at the lecture slides and then using active recall to write down what I remember on my iPAD! I also enjoy, listening to relaxing music while studying as it helps not to cry.

Hobbies Outside of School: Gaming, singing, and spending time with my friends!

Yu Xin Cheng, Public Relations Manager

YXC Yu Xin Cheng, Public Relations Manager

Hometown: Mission Viejo

Career Aspirations: Pediatric Nurse

Favorite Study Method: I find it very helpful to talk through the lectures out loud when I am reviewing them. Hearing myself say facts repitiously allows me a better change at remembering the information and walking concepts through my head gives me a better chance at fully understanding everything. I usually do this process while fighting through my tears!

Hobbies Outside of School: Working out!

Kate Bayhan, Faculty 

Kate Bayhan

Kate Bayhan, Faculty

RN-BSN Coordinator, Lecturer, and Faculty Advisor for Nursing Peer Tutoring.

Hobbies outside of school: Video games, any instrument, writing, and drawing.

Nursing Academic Tutor Schedule

Tutoring sessions are free and occur throughout the week. Feel free to drop in to a Zoom session that fits with your schedule. Please refer to the Google Calendar for schedules of tutors and courses. Please note, schedule is subject to change. If you have specific questions and/or are referring an individual to tutoring, please email