DNP Nurse Anesthesia Curriculum

The curriculum of the DNP Nurse Anesthesia concentration provides the student with scientific, clinical, and professional foundations upon which to build a sound and safe clinical practice. This three year (9 semester), full-time program offers concentrated courses in anatomy/physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, basic and advanced principles of anesthesia, and professional roles. Courses in anesthesia practice provide clinical practicum encompassing all anesthetic techniques to diverse patient populations. The supervised clinical practice provides students the opportunity to incorporate didactic anesthesia education into clinical practice.  During the clinical experience, students are supervised by anesthesiologists/nurse anesthetists who provide instruction in the safe administration and monitoring of a variety of techniques including both general and regional anesthesia.

This advanced practice nursing option includes client-oriented practice as well as foundation in core courses, which serve to develop clinical scholars. Courses include content in advanced evidence-based practice and proposal writing; data management in healthcare; theories in nursing and other health care disciplines with particular emphasis on utility in practice; and, sound decision-making within legal and ethical frameworks in a complex health care and policy-making system.  Additional skills addressed in the program include information competence, critical thinking, problem solving within an inter-professional framework, advocacy, clinical prevention and population health, and organizational and systems leadership for quality improvement and systems thinking. 

All nurse anesthesia concentration courses are held at Kaiser Permanente in Pasadena, CA and affiliated clinical sites utilizing state-of-the-art facilities. This concentration requires 109 units of full-time study including a doctoral project. Clinical hours are based on competency guidelines from KPSA.


  Term Courses Units
Year 1 Fall NURS 542/L - Advanced Health Assessment (2)/Lab (1)
NURS 601 - Theoretical Perspectives for Advanced Nursing Practice (3)
NURS 615 - Epidemiology and Clinical Prevention (3)
NURS 620 - Informatics in Healthcare (3)
NURS 683 - Advanced Physiology for Nurse Anesthetists (3)
Spring NURS 602 - Data Management, Quality Improvement and Evaluation for Advanced Nursing Practice (3)
NURS 605 - Advanced Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing (3)
NURS 630 - Healthcare Policy, Ethics and Advocacy (3)
NURS 680 - Advanced Pharmacology for Anesthesia I (3)
NURS 681 - Anesthesia Basic Principles (3)
Summer NURS 610 - Leadership, Management and Economics in Adv. Nursing Practice (3)
NURS 682 - Anesthesia for Surgical Procedures and Special Populations (4)
NURS 684 - Advanced Pharmacology for Anesthesia II (3)
NURS 685L - Nurse Anesthesia Practicum I (2)
Year 2   Fall NURS 686 - Pediatric and Obstetric Anesthesia (3)
NURS 687L - Nurse Anesthesia Practicum II (5)
NURS 695 - Seminar in Integrative Clinical Scholarship (Proposal Writing) (2)
NURS 697A - Integrative Clinical Scholarship I: Evidence-based Practice (1)
Spring NURS 688 - Advanced Pathophysiology for Anesthesia I (4)
NURS 689L - Nurse Anesthesia Practicum III (6)
NURS 697B - Integrative Clinical Scholarship II: Evidence-based Practice (3)
Summer NURS 690 - Advanced Pathophysiology for Anesthesia II (4)
NURS 691L - Nurse Anesthesia Practicum IV (6)
NURS 694 - Advanced Pharmacology for Anesthesia III (3)
Year 3   Fall NURS 692 - Professional Nurse Anesthesia Role: Comprehensive Clinical Integration (3)
NURS 693L - Nurse Anesthesia Residency (6)
NURS 697C - Integrative Clinical Scholarship III: Evidence-based Practice (3)
Spring NURS 692 - Professional Nurse Anesthesia Role: Comprehensive Clinical Integration (3)
NURS 693L - Nurse Anesthesia Residency (6)
Summer NURS 692 - Professional Nurse Anesthesia Role: Comprehensive Clinical Integration (3)
NURS 693L - Nurse Anesthesia Residency (6)

All courses and sequencing subject to change at any time.

Course descriptions can be found in the CSUF Catalog.