Doctor of Nursing Practice Course Descriptions

Evaluation and Measurement Core

NURS 602 Data Management, Quality Improvement and Evaluation for Advanced Nursing Practice
Provides DNP students with the necessary skills and knowledge to use evidence and health data for quality improvement in a health setting. Uses quality system to evaluate change and common methods used in quality improvement processes. (3 units)

NURS 605 Advanced Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing
Advanced research course focused on reading, interpreting, and evaluating studies using quantitative and qualitative methods in nursing and other health care disciplines; develop initial literature review for integrative scholarship proposal. (3 units)

NURS 615 Epidemiology and Clinical Prevention
Emphasis on application of epidemiological principles and approaches related to health and illness in at-risk populations. Epidemiological models and inquiry are used to determine population needs and promote interventions to enhance health-related quality of life and prevent illness. (3 units)

NURS 620 Informatics in Healthcare
Use of information systems/technology resources to implement quality improvement initiatives and support practice and administrative decision-making. Topics include standards and principles for selecting and evaluating information systems and patient care technology, and related ethical, regulatory, and legal issues. (3 units)

Faculty Development Core

NURS 650 Nursing Curriculum Development
This jybrid course is a systematic study of principles of curricula for nursing academic programs, patient education, and staff development. Education philosophies, objectives, selection and organization of learning experiences and evaluation methods will be explored and developed. (3 units)

NURS 652 Instructional Design in Nursing Education for DNP Students
This course focuses on course design; the use of instructional strategies, simulation, and technology in classroom and online teaching environments; and assessment and evaluation of student learning. The ethical, legal, and cultural competencies for nurse educators will be addressed. (3 units)

Management and Leadership Core

NURS 610 Leadership, Management and Economics in Advanced Practice Nursing
Emphasis on analyzing leadership theories and organizational models within healthcare delivery systems. Principles of change theory, financial management, strategic planning, program development and implementation are evaluated. Application focuses on fiscally sound leadership management in providing healthcare for individuals and populations. (3 units)

NURS 630 Healthcare Politics, Ethics and Advocacy for Nurses
Critical appraisal of how national and international health policies, advocacy efforts, ethics, and economics impact health care delivery and its outcomes and influence advanced practice nursing. Development of health care policy, delivery models, reimbursement mechanisms, and economic perspectives are investigated. (3 units)

Practice Core

NURS 640 DNP Clinical Practicum: Professional Role Development
Supervised clinical opportunities in selected clinical settings to enhance professional role development in advanced nursing practice. Synthesis of prior graduate learning experience; focus on evidence-based best practices to enhance safety, quality and efficiency in the student’s nursing specialty area (135 clinical hours). Course may be repeated for credit up to 12 units, as needed to complete required practice hours at the DNP level. (3 units)

Integrative Clinical Scholarship Core

NURS 695 Seminar in Integrative Clinical Scholarship
Proposal development as applied to clinical scholarly work for Doctor of Nursing Practice project. Course requires 90 hours in a clinical setting with faculty consultation. Outcome is a proposal for a scholarly clinical doctoral project.
(90 clinical hours) (2 units) Prerequisite: NURS 600, 605, 640 Corequisite: NURS 697A

NURS 697A Integrative Clinical Scholarship I: Evidence-based Practice
This course is complementary to NURS 695 and focuses on scholarly work directed toward a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) project. This doctoral project will be completed within a clinical setting under faculty supervision (NURS 695 instructor) with facilitation by a Faculty Chair (NURS 697A). Outcome for this course is a proposal for a scholarly clinical project on a topic in the student’s area of interest and area of specialization. Course includes consultation with instructor leading to development of a scholarly project proposal as applied to clinical problems (1 unit) Prerequisite: NURS 600, 605, 640 Corequisite: NURS 695

NURS 697B Integrative Clinical Scholarship II: Evidence-based Practice
Implementation of DNP project within a clinical setting using integration of theory and evidence-based change from nursing science and other disciplines. Emphasizes incorporation of principles of practice inquiry and evidence-based practice. Integration of core DNP concepts and competencies. (135 clinical hours) (3 units) Prerequisite: NURS 697A

NURS 697C Integrative Clinical Scholarship III: Evidence-based Practice
Within a clinical setting, evaluation and completion of the DNP project. Emphasizes incorporation of principles of practice inquiry and evidence-based practice. Integration of core DNP concepts and competencies. (135 clinical hours) (3 units) Prerequisite: NURS 697B