Traditional BSN Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit the California Board of Registered NursingOpens in new window website for more information on how to pursue an education in nursing. The website lists all colleges and universitiesOpens in new window in California that offer nursing education. 

How do I apply to the Traditional BSN Pathway? When is the application open?

Prospective applicants must complete the University application through Cal State ApplyOpens in new window . The application is open from October 1-November 30 each year.

How frequently are students admitted into the Traditional BSN Pathway? And how many students are admitted?

Students are admitted into the Traditional BSN in the fall semester only. The School of Nursing admits 40 new students each year.

Do I need to be a current high school student to apply to the Traditional BSN Pathway?

 This pathway is specifically for students coming directly out of high school. This pathway is not for transfer students.

Am I eligible for admission with a GED?

Yes, as long as the applicant meets all other admission criteria.

What needs to be completed prior to applying to the Traditional BSN Pathway?

Applicants must complete the high school A-G coursework and the SAT or ACT exam.

Due to COVID-19, CSUF will not be requiring SAT or ACT scores for Fall 2022 admission. The School of Nursing will look at high school GPA, rather than Eligibility Index, for Fall 2022 admission.

How do I calculate my Eligibility Index?

Please refer to Cal State Apply for more information to Calculate your Eligibility IndexOpens in new window .

Due to COVID-19, CSUF will not be requiring SAT or ACT scores for Fall 2022 admission. The School of Nursing will look at high school GPA, rather than Eligibility Index, for Fall 2022 admission.

Is nursing the correct major if I want to eventually attend medical school and become a doctor?

The courses needed for a career as a nurse are completely different than the coursework needed to enter medical school. If you want to attend medical school after graduating with a bachelor's degree to become a medical doctor, we encourage you to pursue a science major, not a nursing major. Please visit the CSUF Health Professions Advising OfficeOpens in new window for further guidance. 

Am I required to take the HESI or TEAS exam prior to applying to the Traditional BSN Pathway?

No. The School of Nursing does not require, and will not accept entrance exams, like the HESI or TEAS, for admission into nursing.

Are undocumented students, or DACA students eligible for admission?

Any individual is welcome to apply to CSUF and admission is open to undocumented students. In order to become a licensed Registered Nurse (RN) in the state of California, a BSN graduate must have either a social security number (SSN) or an individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN). This means that undocumented students who hold current DACA status can enter our program, graduate, and be eligible for licensure - as long as their DACA remains current. Additionally, undocumented students can apply for financial aid through the California Dream Application, but students must apply by the annual March 2 deadline. It is important to note that health insurance is required during the duration of this program. There are health insurance options for undocumented students. Please visit the CSUF Titan Dreamers Resource CenterOpens in new window for more information on the support and services that CSUF offers Titan Dreamers.

If I am chosen for the Traditional BSN Pathway, but am unable to attend in the fall, can I defer my admission?

No. If a student is accepted into the pathway, they must enroll into the required coursework for the admitted semester. Unfortunately, students are not able to defer admission to the Traditional BSN pathway.

I was admitted into CSUF under a different major (or as undeclared), could I still pursue a degree in nursing at CSUF?

If you are not admitted to CSUF as a nursing major, and still decide to attend CSUF in another major or undeclared, please note that the Nursing major will not be available to you. There are other majors and careers related to helping others that would be available to you at CSUF or you could consider majors related to other health related careers. While you attend CSUF in a non-Nursing major, you will have access to career and graduate school counseling, internships, community involvement, leadership and coursework that may position you for admission, after you graduate, to post-baccalaureate and/or graduate degree programs that lead to a nursing career.

I was admitted into the Traditional BSN Pathway, do I need to apply to the nursing major after I have completed my prerequisite requirements?

No. An applicant accepted into the Traditional BSN Pathway is considered a nursing student at CSUF. The student would not need to apply once the nursing prerequisite courses are complete. In order to maintain status in the nursing major, the student must maintain the following standards:

  • Maintain a cumulative grade point average of a 3.0 or higher.
  • Maintain a prerequisite grade point average of a 3.0 or higher.
  • Earn a B- or higher in the science prerequisite coursework.
  • Earn a C or higher in the non-science prerequisite coursework.

Is there a waitlist for the Traditional BSN Pathway?

The Traditional BSN Pathway will keep a waitlist after admission offers are sent by May 1 each year. Once the full cohort is admitted and secured, there will no longer be a waitlist.

Am I required to complete work and/or volunteer experience?

No. An applicant does not need work or volunteer experience.

How long is the Traditional BSN Pathway?

The Traditional BSN Pathway must be completed full-time throughout the course of either 8 semesters (4 years) or 10 semesters (5 years). This does not include summer or winter (intersession), as summer and intersession are optional.

When are courses offered during the semester?

Lecture courses are held in the morning or afternoon during the weekday. Clinical hours (lab) will be scheduled according to faculty and hospital availability, any day of the week, and range from 8 to 12 hour shifts. These shifts will either be day-time shifts, or over-night shifts.

Am I able to take a semester off or attend the Traditional BSN Pathway part-time?

No. Students are not able to attend part-time or take a semester off from due to the Traditional BSN Pathway being full-time and cohort-style.

Where will the clinical hours be completed? How many clinical hours are required?

The School of Nursing has many clinical partners. Clinical placement sites will be within a 50 mile radius of the CSUF campus in Fullerton, CA.

NURS 402L, 404L, 406L, 407L, and 410L each have a requirement of 90 clinical hours.

NURS 403L, 405L, and 411L, each have a requirement of 135 clinical hours.

NURS 412L has a requirement of 180 clinical hours.

Can international students apply for the Traditional BSN Pathway?

No. This pathway does not accept international students.

Can transfer students apply for the Traditional BSN Pathway?

No. This pathway does not accept transfer students. We have a different pathwayOpens in new window for transfer students.

What is the cost of the Traditional BSN Pathway? Is financial aid available?

For tuition fees, the School of Nursing encourages students to review the Tuition and Campus-Based fees stated on the Student Business ServicesOpens in new window website. Please keep in mind that all CSU listed fees are regarded as estimates that are subject to change. The listed fees do not include other expenses (i.e. textbooks). The School of Nursing encourages students to review information regarding school loans and financial aid on the Student Business Services and Financial AidOpens in new window websites.

What is the NCLEX pass rate for the CSUF BSN Pre-Licensure Pathways?

The current NCLEX pass rates for the Pre-Licensure BSN pathways at CSUF, and all other pre-licensure nursing programs in the state of California can be found at the California Board of Registered Nursing WebsiteOpens in new window .

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