School Nurse Services Credential (SNSC) Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be employed as a school nurse while completing the credential?

Yes. You must be working as a School Nurse throughout the entirety of the program. The SNSC coursework requires students to draw on current employment experiences to complete assignments. Working in the field while completing didactic coursework allows you to put your new knowledge into practice and integrate your learning into your regular job functions.

My preliminary credential is expired, what can I do?

If your preliminary credential is expired or close to expiring at the time of application to the SNSC program, once admitted to the program the School of Nursing will provide an admission letter, study plan and letter of support. You can provide this documentation to the California Commission on Teacher CredentialingOpens in new window and request an extension of your credential for the period you will be enrolled in the program.

Can I earn the SNS Credential and the MSN with a School Nursing concentration together?

Yes! The first step is completing the credential portion of the program. Once enrolled in the credential program, you will be given the opportunity to add the MSN and if you choose to do so, you will be able to continue straight into the MSN upon completion of the credential coursework.

Is this an online program?

Yes! The SNS Credential program is almost completely online. Coursework is primarily offered asynchronously online. There are 3-4 web synchronous meetings per class in the evenings throughout the program. Students are also required to come to the CSUF campus for a face to face class meeting once in the first semester. Additionally, in the last semester of the SNSC, students will complete clinical hours in a practice setting. It is possible for a student to complete much of the practicum experience at their own school district.

Can I work at my own pace through the course?

No. Online coursework through the School of Nursing is structured similarly to face to face classes in that you will have assignments to complete based on a set schedule with definite due dates. Students do not work through courses at their own pace but rather stay on track together to foster collaborative discussion with classmates and instructors throughout the whole semester.

I have my preliminary SNS Credential. Am I eligible to apply for the MSN School Nursing program?

No. If you have your preliminary SNS Credential, you should apply for our SNSC program. Completion of this program makes you eligible to obtain your clear SNS Credential. If you already have your clear credential, you are eligible to apply for our MSN School NursingOpens in new window program.