SNS Credential Prerequisite Courses



SNSC students must complete an approved audiology course.

  • CSUF does not offer a course that meets this requirement. There are currently only two courses that meet our requirement. As other courses are approved, they will be added here.
    • HSCI 3374 Opens in new window (Basic Audiometry and Hearing Problems) at CSU San Bernardino
    • CDDS 125 Opens in new window (Audiometry and Audiology for School Nurses) at CSU Fresno
  • Required Grade: Grade earned in the course must be C or better.
  • Completion Time Frame: You may complete this course prior to starting the SNSC program or during the first year of the program. The course must be completed by the end of the first year of the SNSC program.


Community Health Nursing

If your Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) was completed in California, you have most likely met this requirement. If you earned a Bachelor's Degree in a related field or completed your BSN out of state, you very likely have not met this requirement. Read additional details below.

  • Course Level: Course must be upper division. Upper division courses are generally junior/senior level courses offered at 4 year colleges/universities.
  • Only the didactic (lecture) component of the Community Health course is required.   Please keep in mind that some institutions require that the didactic and clinical (lab) portion be completed together.
  • Required Grade: Grade earned in the course(s) must be C or better.
  • Completion Time Frame: You may have this prerequisite in progress at the time of application but it must be complete prior to starting the program.
  • If you have not completed this prerequisite, the School of Nursing does at times have space available in this course for qualified applicants. If you are interested in taking this course through CSUF, please email the following information to
    • Full Name
    • Credential or MSN Concentration of Interest
    • City of Residence
    • Attach unofficial transcripts from all colleges/universities attended - you must be otherwise qualified for admission to the SNSC program to be eligible to take this course