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Jump Start Option Overview

Cal State Fullerton

The Jump Start Option provides participants with an opportunity to enroll in BSN courses from our RN-BSN curriculum while also being enrolled in a California Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) program. The Jump Start Option only operates in the 10-week summer session through Extended and International Programs (EIP)’s Open University. Enrolling in Jump Start does not make you a current student at Cal State Fullerton. To become a current student in the RN-BSN pathway, Jump Start participants must meet all admission requirements and apply through Cal State Apply by the application deadline.

Each summer the School of Nursing offers Jump Start participants the option to enroll in NURS 305: Professional Nursing (3 units) or NURS 310: Nursing Research/Evidence Based Practice (3 units). We recommend students enroll in one course per summer session. If space permits, priority to enroll in both courses during the same summer session will be given to third and fourth semester ADN students. Currently, both courses will be offered online. Please visit Extension and International Programs for more information on tuition and financial assistance.

Students who complete at least one course through Jump Start with a “C” or higher will receive priority consideration to the RN-BSN pathway. As a reminder, students are required to apply during the application period and meet the admission requirements. If an applicant does not meet the requirements when applying, they will not be admitted into the RN-BSN pathway even if they participated in the Jump Start Option.

To learn more about the Jump Start Option, consider registering for an upcoming information session. Information sessions are held virtually. Information session dates will be provided in November 2024.